Currently as I’m writing this, it is 11:02pm on November 8, 2016. I turned 17 years old today, and Donald Trump is ahead by 35 points in the polls. I am terrified.

I’m terrified that a man endorsed by the KKK is in the lead right now, and that after tomorrow people of color won’t feel safe in their own communities anymore. We’ve made so much progress in the past 50 years,  and we can’t go back now. Because Black Lives Matter.

I’m terrified that a man with the temperament of a two-year-old will have nuclear launch codes. And if I’m being honest, that’s even insulting to two-year-olds.

I’m terrified that a man who threatened to ban a whole religion from our country will have control of our borders. Doesn’t he know that America was founded with the idea of religious freedom?

I’m terrified that a man who probably has no idea what real love even is, will get the power to tell some of the best families I know that they aren’t actually a family, or they aren’t worthy parents. The LGBT community deserves to feel safe and respected.

I’m terrified that a man who called immigrants rapists and murderers will  have the power to make legal immigration into our country that much tougher. America is a country of immigrants.

I’m terrified that a man that resembles an orange Cheetoh will have the power to get to control what I can do with my own body. Because what does he know?

I’m terrified that a man who clearly has no respect for women, will be the man who millions of little girls and boys will look up to. Because they need to know that the way he acts is NOT acceptable.

I’m terrified that a man who has lost millions of dollars and has evaded paying taxes for years will control our economy. He’s not a businessman, he’s a con man.

I’m terrified that a man who said that John McCain wasn’t a war hero will be the commander of our military. He doesn’t know what a sacrifice like serving our country even means.

I’m terrified that a man who has mocked people with disabilities will have the power to pass legislation that will either help or hurt this minority group. If anything, he should be the one who is considered MENTALLY disabled.

I’m terrified that a man that has demonstrated over and over that he does not understand how our political system works, will be the head of that very same political system.

I’m not only terrified, but truly heartbroken. I honestly thought our country was better than this. I’m crying the hardest I ever have as I write this. For months our country laughed off all of Trump’s antics. From the video tapes, to the Twitter rants, to the hateful rhetoric. We let him go on, never apologizing– because “that’s just Trump.” But sadly, this man will now probably be our next president. I’m just praying that the country can hold it together long enough for us to have better candidates by the next election. Because by then, my opinion might just matter. Happy birthday to me, and good luck to us all.

4 thoughts on “Terrified.

  1. Honey- I too, feel fearful and sad beyond words right now.¬† I am¬†terribly disappointed with many of my fellow Americans. I thought we Americans¬†were much better than this election indicates.¬† I think that fear, anger, greed¬†and the lack of critical thinking got us to this point.¬† But, (and hon, this a big “but”) I am hopeful that we can survive this election outcome.¬† I am hopeful because of my faith in God that allows me to believe in¬†the power of love and truth. In my 72 years on this earth I’ve seen us go through incredible ups and downs as a nation. And yet, today we can say proudly that we are surrounded by people, like yourself, who will carry¬†so many of¬†our cherished values into the future.¬†Honey, this just means that there is still so much work to do to change the very things you mention that¬†make you fearful.¬†For now, we grieve, pray,¬†regroup, and continue to work.¬†Poppa


  2. Abby, I am truly sad that a 17 year old would have this much stress in her life. What you have to remember is that ours is a great country. All those things that you said made us great will continue to exist. One man alone can not undo all the great that this country has created. We are a strong people and what is most important is that we heal as a nation and learn to respect each other and treat each other with dignity. I believe that the people of this country were voicing an opinion on how our government is being run and not on how the people of our country want to be divided. We have fought many battles to ensure each of us has rights and I do not believe we will ever lose those inalienable rights that our forefathers fought for. They also ensured that our government system has checks and balances.
    So please Abby, live your life as the wonderful person that you are and trust that humankind will win out. And I say all of this as a republican, but not as a deplorable ūüėć.
    Aunt Rose


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